Cleaner & Pump Flush CST-PU300 5 Gallons

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Cleaner & Pump Flush CST-PU300 is proprietary material used as a washing and flushing agent for tools and equipment.
Based upon a blend of organic solvents, it is non-flammable and possesses the necessary dissolving properties to displace polyurethane grouts in their liquid state.

When injection of grouts is completed, the grout pump should be immediately flushed with the washing agent.
Flushing can be performed by putting the inlet and outlet of the pump to a tank containing the pump flush, and circulating Cleaner & Pump Flush CST-PU300 through the system for 3 – 5 minutes.
Ensure that all parts that have come into contact with the grout are washed.
After re-circulating the Cleaner & Pump Flush CST-PU300 through the pump, it is important to run the pump dry and fill the pump hoses with fresh Cleaner & Pump Flush CST-PU300 once before storing equipment.

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