Flexible polyurethane 5 Gallon Pail CST-PU400 grout resin hydrolphilic

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CST-PU400 is a one component hydrophilic MDI based, water-Activated and expands to form a closed cell.
CST-PU400 is used to seal actively leaking joints and cracks in concrete structures.
No need activator no mix it ready to use.
Drinking water Approved
Essentially Non-toxic in cured Form.

Viscosity: 350cps (25 °C / 77 F)
Application Temp.: >= (5 °C / 41 F)
Elongation: 400%
Tensile Strength: 120 psi
Expention up to: 600-700%

Initial Reaction: 25 seconds
Full Rise: 90 seconds
Full Cure: 24 hours

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